The Beldi Hotel

A 40+ unit micro hotel concept in Squamish, guided by a passion for the outdoor sports which exemplify the area. Guests are encouraged to use alternative means of shuttle, bus or carshare transportation and take advantage of the bike share program at the hotel. A ground level purpose built restaurant and rooftop lounge and lobby will provide ample social space, while the side yard setback creates a densely vegetated hang out space and connection to the self check in lobby at the mid point of the building. Light Guage Steel construction, colourful cement panels and folded, painted aluminum fins define the exterior expression. While the long side elevation is articulated with a repetitive serves of bay windows and projections providing framed views of the surrounding landscape and expressing the smaller unit configuration on the interior. Currently the project has passed re-zoning and is now in the Development Permit process.


Squamish, B.C.